This attractive town and port is the center of the Makarska Riviera that is 50 km of coastal area in the foothills of Mt. Biokovo. A lot of cliffs and ridges form an impressive backdrop for many beautiful beaches. The base of town is protected from harsh winds and covered with lush Mediterranean vegetation - pine forests, olive groves, fig trees and orchards. With plenty of hiking and summer opportunities in such a spectacular natural environment, it is not surprising that tourism has a long history in this region. The recent war in former Yugoslavia has greatly disrupted the arrival of visitors, however, beyond the short summer season, which lasts about six weeks in July and August , in the town itself there are no major traffic jams. Makarska is the largest city in the region and makes a good base for exploring the coast and the mountain slope. Located on a large cove, bounded on the southeast with cape Osejava and the peninsula of Saint Peter in the northwest, mountain Biokovo above the town dominates the landscape. Also Makarska offers a very exciting night life on the coast, and is extremely popular among the young Croatian and Bosnia and Herzegovina people. Roads and trails that crisscross the mountain range can be overwhelming for hikers, but less energetic people can simply relax on the beach and watch the play of light and shadow on the mountain rocks.

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